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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

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Listing of Candles

151 lit candles

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   For Koda  ~Lit by~ Bill and Stephanie

   For Koda  ~Lit by~ Kim

   For Koda  ~Lit by~ Grandma glenda

   For Koda  ~Lit by~ Brandy

   For Kit  ~Lit by~ Suzanne Hanns

   For Ellie  ~Lit by~ Debbie

   For Katie Cat  ~Lit by~ Claire

   For Toby  ~Lit by~ Smith Anderson

   For Otje  ~Lit by~ Jan

   For Alfie  ~Lit by~ Sarah & Mike... Alfie, we love and miss you more that you’ll ever know.

   For Mick  ~Lit by~ Jane

   For Badri  ~Lit by~ VS with Love

   For Maxi  ~Lit by~ Your Mummy 🐾 Love & Miss you every day

   For Pepina   ~Lit by~ Eleanor

   For Alfie  ~Lit by~ Sarah & Mike... Alfie, we love and miss you more that you’ll ever know.

   For Max  ~Lit by~ Cristina, Roger, and Cubby We miss you with each passing day.

   For Max  ~Lit by~ Cristina, Roger, and Cubby

   For LuLu Belle  ~Lit by~ Kim

   For Lulu Bell  ~Lit by~ Glenda Bassett

   For LuLu Bell  ~Lit by~ Brandy

   For Maxi  ~Lit by~ Kelly, Simon, Holly and Leo - lots of woofs on your birthday and everyday

   For Maxi   ~Lit by~ Mummy, Daddy, Kelly and Lewis. Happy Birthday in heaven our boy.

   For Maxi   ~Lit by~ Mummy, Daddy, Kelly & Lewis. Happy Birthday in heaven our boy🐾

   For Autie   ~Lit by~ Debbie Andrew and Elfie Ellie we will miss you every day.

   For Flex   ~Lit by~ Lucia

   For Sweet Savannah   ~Lit by~ With love lisa

   For Winslet  ~Lit by~ Dawnkey

   For Oogie  ~Lit by~ David Kirolos Victoria Perez, we will never forget our little girl.

   For Suki  ~Lit by~ Sophie in memory of our little loaf Sukibuns

   For The Little Red Hen  ~Lit by~ Sabrina and Sara with love!

   For Ollie  ~Lit by~ Melissa and Todd

   For Freya  ~Lit by~ Amanda

   For Freya  ~Lit by~ Aryana

   For Freya  ~Lit by~ Austin

   For Freya  ~Lit by~ Mom with love

   For Freya  ~Lit by~ Brandy

   For Droopy   ~Lit by~ Jan,Steve,Ronnie with love, we miss you

   For Guide Elsie  ~Lit by~ Janet Deluca

   For dd  ~Lit by~ ddd

   For Pricey  ~Lit by~ Janet Rose and family

   For Sparky  ~Lit by~ Yvonne

   For Sushi  ~Lit by~ Mom and Dad

   For Cadence  ~Lit by~ Paolo and Amanda

   For Stanley  ~Lit by~ Mama (Julie)

   For Ghost   ~Lit by~ Sharon

   For FIDO  ~Lit by~ Vatsela Pillay

   For Josie  ~Lit by~ Shawn and Carol with love and gratitude

   For Lucca Kelly   ~Lit by~ colín maria y scarlet

   For Ruby  ~Lit by~ Alan Davis

   For Scotty  ~Lit by~ Betty

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