Nutritional Counseling Complements Wellness Care for Your Pet


Determining the proper pet nutrition for your dog or cat is an important part of the wellness care we provide at Pet Medical Center Sunland. When you bring your pet in for his or her annual checkup, our veterinarians and staff review your animal’s diet to make sure that it is as healthy as it can be for your pet’s stage of life. We look at your dog or cat’s food, treats, and supplements in addition to the quantity of food you are giving your pet and how often you feed your puppy or kitten. We also review your pet’s lifestyle. Taking all this into consideration, we then determine the best individual nutritional strategy for your dog or cat to ensure appropriate diet recommendations.

Many dog and cat health issues can be mitigated by maintaining a proper diet. This includes providing the proper nutrition to combat allergies, diarrhea and other health problems. Depending upon the unique needs of your pet, we may prescribe probiotics or skin, liver, or immune supplements.

Weight management is key to ensuring your dog or cat has a long, healthy life. Pet Medical Center Sunland’s knowledgeable veterinarians and staff determine the best way to manage your pet’s weight on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration your lifestyle and pet feeding style and then counseling you on maintaining your pet’s optimal weight.

For questions about Pet Medical Center Sunland’s nutritional counseling wellness care, view our videos on nutrition for dogs, nutrition for cats, and obesity and give us a call to make an appointment today.

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